Cyclone Pam - Tom Richards Photography

Vanuatu, Tanna, Lolumpaeu, Cyclone Pam 29b

Looking sheepish, but still smiling while handing over 1000 litres of water, delivered at great expense, to a site where there was already 10,000 litres. A helicopter launched by the luxury yacht ‘Dragonfly’ dropped water to a village in North Tanna after responders to Cyclone Pam from the Salvation Army reported to the National Disaster Management Office that the people in the village of Lolumpaeu were without water. Dragonfly reported that they had been doing valuable work in the Shepherd group of islands before being reassigned to this task. The village was hoping for a new gravity-fed water system but were happy with the new tank and additional 1000 litres of water next to the existing 10,000 litres that they weren’t previously using.

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